Provide State funded funerals for Firefighters who lose their lives while On Duty

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With Australia burning and many firefighters on the frontline, we the undersigned request the state government provide state funerals and or funding to those who lose their lives whilst in the line of duty, now and into the future.

Having been a volunteer firefighter for 5 years in the CFA, protectings lives and property is an honour, and something I loved doing for the community.

With three volunteer firefighters already having lost their lives (all of which had young families) fighting the devastating fires in NSW, their families shouldn't have to foot the bill for their loved one who died protecting lives and property of others.

Funerals are an emotional experience and many volunteers and their families just don't have the funds to pay for funerals. Costing upwards of $5000-$10000, the burden should not be placed on loved ones.