Make state forestry share the cost of replacing fences after natural disaster

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Farmers impacted by the recent bushfires in NSW and Queensland who have state forestry as their neighbour are finding themselves having to bear 100% of the cost of replacing this shared fence.

Most farmers don't mind maintaining the fences they share with state forestry. It's not too much bother to replace a post or strain a wire, and we don't want taxpayers' money to be wasted on something we can easily do. But when there's been a natural disaster like the bushfires we're experiencing right now, wiping out kilometres of fencing, it's just too much to ask of us to pay for 100% of the new fence. Click here to read my story:

We're asking the Queensland and NSW Governments to amend the legislation so that when there's a natural disaster, they contribute to the cost of clearing fence lines and replacing or repairing the fences they share with farmers, just like all other good neighbours.