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Family time matters .. Money never replaces memories ... Traveling parents

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Okay I have been in the construction and oil and gas indrustry since I was about 8. Yes 8 years old when my dad first left home for work. The years growing up with my dad being gone 3 weeks a month and back for three days my whole childhood life made us miss days memories we can never get back. My  graduation of highschool and army he had to work. I have now come to my age of 28 comin here in 2018 almost 20 years we should say and I have followed my fathers footsteps and I have met many men and women who get stuck, to where the companies they work for can't make time for them to go home. Work is to important everyone says. Which I do agree work is. But I think the first words that your son or daughter says is more important than a piece of paper even tho I have none of my own and I hope one day I to myself will have lil ones. There are people I have met in this field that have lost those memories of footsteps, words, hugs, kisses, proms weddings and many more due to work. Until the day comes when we are to old to walk to old to talk and try to say and do all the things we have missed. Buts to late. God gave us the power of life im a logical man but I believe that if we have the power powerof life why not live and leave this life with somone who will remember us. Our children and loved ones. Change our future by letting a guranteed week a month a consecutive 7 days if the working individivual is not already on a schedule send them home to thier families. Crime rate will go down now dad and mom is home. Troubled teens and younger pregnancies will drop. Drugs in younger age group will drop due to the parents are home and our new future will see there is really love. The greatest impact is the smallest detail our babies new borns are the smallest change will come in maybe 5 years to 10 depending on how fast you want to make it. But it will be for the better thank you. Oh and to the divorce rate hey 50 year anniversaries maybe come a thing now to. My mom and dad divorced at my age of 17. 

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