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Change our current laws regarding child sex offenders/murders


Sex offenders cannot be rehibilitated and once caught should never be allowed out to harm our chidlren our current laws are too leinant on sex offenders and many times will plea a charge down just to get a conviction. Our children are virtual prisoners of their homes now because parents can no longer let them play outside. There has been a tremendous increase in attempted abductions in the the state of NJ in the past few weeks and we need to stand up for our children and fight for their rights. My cousin, Nicole Ayres was brutally murdered by a registered sex offender and our family has had to fight for her justice. Althouth our laws will not stop these heinous crimes from occuring we can send a strong message that "we the people have had enough and we want change!!!" There is currently two bills in the NJ senate, first bill S380 "Jessica's Lundsford Act" that would be a minimum of 25 years up to life in prison for a first time child sex offender. This bill has been passed around for over five years now and there are still a few Senators that will not support the bill. The other bill that is currently in the judicial committee is bill S361 which provides life in prison without the eligibility of parole for all first degree murders These are two very important bills that would effect the safety and welfare of the citizens of NJ and our politicians need to take action. No family should have to suffer the loss of a loved one to such a heinous crime of murder like our family has. Murder affects up to 7-10 co-victims and it changes ones life forever. This petition is for all the voiceless victims and in memory of Nicole Danielle Ayres and Autumn Pasquale two young lives takes way before their time.

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