The State of North Dakota needs to initiate RICO Action on #NODAPL Fundraisers etc.

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This petition represents a portion of the people many who live or work in North Dakota and wish to respectfully ask that the addressed government officials respond to the costs of safety for the #NODAPL pipeline protests by initiating swift RICO litigation action, or some type of relief for the costs incurred by the people Morton County, and The State of North Dakota in some form of legal recovery due to the numerous "Go Fund Me" campaigns, Pay Pal Donation Plans, and other "fraudulent" means of funding these protests. Many 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) Non-Profits are collecting funds for this effort under their non profit status and diverting the donations to funding the violence, paying for violence, supporting protesters on the ground, legal funds and equipping and supporting the violent efforts and the social media broadcasting of said events to even raise more money to continue the lawlessness. Over 75% of some funds are going right into the pockets of the person handling the funds. and Misuse of the funds is most likely rampant. All those funds are income that most likely go un-taxed unless our state officials get involved.

The citizens of Morton County and the State of North Dakota should not have to pay the costs of takuing care of, jailing and the legal process of these people who were by statistics mostly from out of state, and caused a nuisance to the people, disrupted the financial state of the state and aforementioned county's budget. Not to mention the hazards left behind that the people had to pay the cost of clean-up.

The message needs to be made "Loud and Clear" that North Dakota is not the place to do illegal acts, destroy our lands, poach and kill our livestock and wreak havoc.

Their message was heard, now it's time for our duly elected officials to step up and make our message heard in a loud and clear fashion without prejudice. 

State Officials:
The undersigned are urging you to step up as a part of the oath of office you took to serve the people of the state to act now. Please make this a priority even if it means a special legislative session to take place.

Thank you for your valuable time,

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