Change the guidelines for First Offenders Program

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My 19 yr old son was riding his bicycle and was almost hit by a man driving a Dodge Ram. My son yelled at him to watch out where he was going (like most of us would).The man pulled into a car dealership and called my son over there by him to talk. My son went by him and started talking to him through his window asking him to watch out for cyclists. The 57 yr old man got out of his truck with his hands up asking my son if "he wanted to go". My repeatedly informed the man he wanted no trouble. The 57 yr old then proceeded to punch my son, not in the face but the throat two times knocking him to the ground. Then used my son's bike against him as a weapon to beat him upside the head then left my son lying there on the ground. Luckily my son was alert enough to pull out his phone and video record this man getting into his truck and leaving. The man dissappeared all weekend. The cops arrested him two days later just to release him the next day on a signature bond. Long story short, he's being charged with a felony, however he will be on the First Offenders Program that if he abides by ALL the courts rules for a year, EVERYTHING will be expunged like it never happened. The guidelines for who can be offered the program needs to change. 

Leniency on assault crimes keeps hot headed perpetrators on the streets and endangers citizens. My son could have been killed by this hothead. Roadrage leading to physical assault should carry a stiffer penalty to keep all citizens safer. My family would like to see stricter guidelines that if one does a violent crime, such as anything physical, not allowed to be offered the First Offenders Program!!