Stop the smell from Dannon in West Jordan

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Bethany Mikkelsen
Bethany Mikkelsen signed this petition

The residents living in the west side of West Jordan are subject to an unhealthy and foul smell from the Dannon Yogurt plant.

The smell is most prevelent in late summer to winter.  It seeps into our homes and makes enjoying the outdoors in our city unbearable.

We have reached out to the city of West Jordan,  the health department and even Dannon themselves.  We had a council meeting with Dannon 4 years ago where they admitted fault to this horrendous smell and promised to implement measures to stop the smell from emitting. 

However since then the smell has continued and Dannon was awarded a good neighbor award from the city.  While most of the residents east and North of the facility suffer.  There are noise ordinances in place, how can there not be a smell ordinance when it makes our homes, yards, and neighborhoods a miserable place to be.

Please if you have been affected by this injustice, sign our petition in hopes it will reach the correct hands who can do soemething about it.