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State of Texas: Withdraw HB1779. Keep licensing for Cosmetologists & Estheticians

As a member of the beauty industry, it is imperative that our profession continued to be licensed for the continued protection of the health and safety of consumers throughout the state of Texas. Properly trained licensed professionals learn how to utilize chemicals and tools safely to avoid injuries and the spread of infectious diseases.

Letter to
State of Texas
Bill Sponsor Representative Matt Schaefer
Chief of Staff Judd Quarles
and 4 others
State Representative Matt Schaefer
Texas State House
Texas State Senate
Texas Governor
Legislation and regulations establish educational requirements to
ensure knowledge and competency, which are verified by testing.
Accountability is established through licensing which is governed by
state boards. Proper sanitation procedures are necessary to minimize
the threat of viral and bacterial infections, such as influenzas,
warts, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), herpes simplex
virus/human papillomavirus (HSV/HPV), methicillin-resistant
staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), ringworm and folliculitis.

As an elected representative for the state of Texas you create laws to
protect consumers and for the betterment of all residents in our
state. Regulating the professional beauty industry provides consumer
protection and consumer safety as it establishes the requirements
necessary to ensure proper training and education of beauty
professionals that will have physical contact with constituents in
your district.

Every state across the U.S. regulates cosmetology and requires
licensing for all beauty professionals. I ask you to continue to
support the safety and protection of consumers in our state, please
withdraw HB1779.

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