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Legalize Marijuana

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For decades this natural herb has been used medically and socialy. After seeing many suffer from illnesses and fed toxins, at the age of 55 I was sure I would have already witnessed its legalizaton. But this is not the case. The state of Texas has imposed a law for those who suffer from different types of mental illnesses and are on certain medications that the PCP must drug test for this substance and discontinue the current medication. I am manic with physcotic episodes, severe depression, panic attcks and high anxiety. For the last 15 years the treatment has been hit and miss, with nothing but toxins that they label as anti depressants. Have you ever payed attention to the side effects of these drugs being advertised? Well, I have been through the ringer on everything out there only to have them make me extremely ill, or worse yet, attempt suicide. Then we have alcohol. A real killer. More deaths due to drunk drivers , yet it sits on the shelf, sold, taxed and again, kills. Everyday! Marijuana is a "happy herb", God given, yet it is illegal. I watched as my dying sister this past January, who lived in California sink in to deep depression with anxiety disorders awaiting her fate of being terminal. She was given a card for marijuana, she was eating marijuana cookies and she became the happiest, upbeat terminal person I had ever seen in my life. I too have used it for my disorders, making it possible to sleep, think, concentrate and be a happy person. This new law in effect has hendered that for me now. I have been addicted to Xanax for 11 years, prescribed by my PCP. Now going thru withdrawls trying to get myself off the poison the the pharmacutical companies are pushing on many with conditons such as mine. California has a 10% tax on it, and I am encouraging Texas to take the same stance and make it legal for medical purposes. This is way overdue.

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