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State of Tennessee & The FDA, USDA, USA Government and Governor Bill Haslam: Legalize Organic, grass fed, free range, Raw Milk in Tennessee!

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This life giving drink has been shot down by the Big Dairy industry for far too long!
Studies have shown that pasteurized milk, contrary to popular belief by the dairy industry and the government, the FDA, The USDA, and other governing bodies,
Has been found to cause the diseases that the Big Dairy industry says pasteurization Is supposed to prevent from happening! As consumers, we should have the right to healthy, organic, life giving foods such as Raw Milk and others foods like it and not have corporate industries control these bodies of government and bend them to to their will and twist the facts with their huge amounts of money with lobbies and disinformation. This fight with the corporate Dairy industry has gone on far too long, and needs to stop! The consumer should have a right to choose rather they want life giving, nutritious, Raw milk, or lifeless, and devoid of any nutrition, pasteurized milk.

As an example, Here are some quotes from Rep. Ron Paul in Texas:

"f we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?"

"Even if the FDA were correct in its assertions about the dangers of raw milk, its prohibition on interstate raw milk sales would still be, as Paul termed it, 'an unconstitutional misapplication of the commerce clause for legislative ends' ...

Saying he is 'outraged' by the FDA's raids on peaceful dairy farmers and their customers, Paul has introduced legislation ... 'to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines,' in effect reversing the FDA's unconstitutional ban on such sales."

As I stated earlier, several studies have shown that the living conditions that the Big Dairy industry houses the cows in.  As I have stated previously, It is the living conditions of the cows that causes the diseases, and Raw milk is perfectly safe when the cows are fed Grass, and are allowed to walk around freely, or what is known as "Free-Range" Saying Organic, Raw, grass fed Milk causes E.Coli and other dangerous diseases  is a extreme distortion of the facts fueled by corporate industry deception. By denying the basic right to choose what we eat, and having the government and industries tell us what we can, and can not eat, we head for a world in everything is controlled by Government, and not the People.  As the father of America, George Washington once said: "Government, like fire, is our most useful servant, if fully controlled by us, its Citizens."
We must stop this horrendous manipulation of the basic right to choose what you eat and drink!
Thank you for reading, and If you value your right to choose your own food, Sign this petition!


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