Save Classic Cars and Preserve Part of Rhode Island's History

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i've been raised to fight for what you believe in. That is what most believe they are but when they see something going on in front of them they do not seem to think of it. Why is that? Because they think they'll be shot down? I'm sure a father's dream with any son or daughter is to find an old classic to restore. Where can you find this anymore in Rhode Island? Craigslist? Where the local creep recently picked up an olds cutlass for the last of his drug money? Wouldn't you rather take your children out into nature to pick a car out of thousands, where the possibilities are endless? Where the owner is an older gentleman who everyone in town knows? This was very well possible but is slowly slipping out of the grasp of Rhode Islanders because the State and DEM are trying to shut down Juniors Junk Yard in West Greenwich Rhode Island and are succeeding. I remember going years ago and falling in love with a new vehicle everytime I took a corner, you mention the place in a line of people and there is always someone who has a story about the old place. 

Not to mention these aren't just classic cars we are talking about. We are talking about rare mopars, such as the legendary Charger, or maybe you're a Ford fan? Don't you love your fastbacks? It would be a shame to see the "Mustang Wonderland" destroyed and the land deserted. Help save one of the biggest junkyards in Rhode Island and preserve these classic cars for the generations to come.