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Stop Banning Legal Medical Marijuana Facilities

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Federal law trumps state law. State law trumps county or city law. While the feds are saying they will not target states that allow medical marijuana facilities to operate. Even the state of Oregon is allowing these facilities. Some of these county and city representatives are abusing their power and banning these facilities out right.

There hundreds, maybe thousand of Oregonians that are suffering from many different health issues. From the terminally ill to those with chronic pain. Until the more recent history these patient had two option. Deal with their health issue or take heavy pharmaceutical drugs. Although these drug can be very effective for many. They also can carry scary side effect such as dependency and even cause other side effect.

So many of these patients in Oregon have used the alternative medication THC and CBD's that can only be found at medical marijuana facilities. These facilities have proven that the use of THC and or CBD's can change a patients life dramatically. In the case of the terminally ill it can make their final days bearable.

“Charlotte Kaul works for a local dispensary and is herself an OMMP patient. She spoke about the evidence she has witnessed firsthand, “I knew a family from church who’s 5-year old died from cancer. His family was very straight-laced and not at all into drugs. Medical marijuana gave their little boy some of the only relief he had in those last days, and I couldn’t be happier that he had legal access.” The meeting room erupted with applause.”


We have heard the stories of patient suffer form seizures, and how CBD's have caused the seizures to be less severe. As a matter of fact some report that the seizure have stopped all together. Cancer patients who suffer needlessly from nausea. Glaucoma patients suffering from pain and on and on.

The one place that these patient can get their medication is being threatened. The State of Oregon is not looking out for them or for you. Although the Oregon allows medical marijuana facilities to operate. The counties and the city within the state are over stepping state law. They are now banning facilities from operating. In turn this is leaving patients without access to their legal medication.

What they are doing knowingly or unknowingly is punishing the patients that depend on these medication for relief and treatment. How can you look at one that is suffering and say,

“Yes, we know that you are hurting and this medication is help you. But we don't want you to have it.”How fair is that?

What happens if they ban medical marijuana facilities?

  1. Patients will suffer because they can no longer get their medication.

  2. Some will be forced to go back to powerful pharmaceutical drugs.

  3. Other will turn to buying their medication on the black market. Some people don't understand why buying “medication” on the black mark is any different. Oregon law requires that medical marijuana facilities test all their medication for mold, pesticides and more. If they were forced to buy on the black mark. There is no telling what they might get.

Remember all the medical marijuana facilities have to operate as “Not For Profit.” These facilities are not getting rich. They are not peddling drugs. Of course some facilities abuse the law and should be held accountable under the laws set in place. However for those (most of which) that operate within the law they are here to help those in need. The facilities are there to offer compassionate alternative health care.

Please support. Even if you don't or will never consider using medical marijuana as a possible treatment now or in the future. Why take that right away from someone who is suffering that may benefit from it.


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