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Fighting DHS for custody of our grandson Mikey.

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My grandson was removed from his mother's care because of her drug use. DHS brought him to my husband and me, left him there for 6 months, closed the case with Money being safe with his family. Came back after 6 months and removed him and put him into a foster home, as my husband & I have a history with DHS. Mikey's caseworker knew there was history and still left him there. His caseworker will not return my phone calls. They have said things and lied about what was said, stirring up drama and lied between Mikey's foster mom. She told them she wanted to have him removed because of those lies. After that DHS supervisor called me and told me I was no longer permitted to have discussions with the foster mom about Mikey's placement and if I continued to do so they would place Mikey in a motel room for placement and i would be at fault. Upon placing him with the foster parents they were told it would be for only a couple weeks, then Mikey would be returning to me, it's been a year and a half now. I'm a licensed nurse, my husband and I have been clean for 15 years, no police contact, nothing. But they refuse to let Mikey come home. It is supposed to be thier job to place a removed child with FAMILY when possible. He has a cousin who attempted to gey placement in the beginning, at which time they told the cousin they didn't need him, as Mikey was with me & my husband. This last year this cousin had no idea Mikey was with a stranger. DHS has played games continuously with my grandson, doing everything in thier piwer to keep Mikey in a foster home and out of the reach of his blood relatives, who want him but are being lied to. I have tried to contact the news, supervisors, NOBODY will even call me back. Please help my little Mikey man come home.

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