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To do the right thing and press murder charges against my sons murderer


Tyler Hamilton shot and killed my son Travis Miller on October 9, 2011. The prosecuting attorneys for Montgomery county let him get away with it using the castle doctrine as  self defense. when Tyler went to federal court facing criminal drug charges, they allowed evidence as proof of activity. The judge found that Tyler Hamilton committed murder 2 but as a federal judge he could not press charges. We want the state of ohio to press charges, because Montgomery county did not do there jobs.. the Federal attorney told us only the state of ohio can press murder charges so that is why I started this petition,my son isnt here to defend himself,I am his voice and Travis deserves the true justice that was deny him and all of us his  family,the right thing needs done and the right thing is pressing murder charges against my sons killer...

Letter to
State of Ohio
To do the right thing and press murder charges against my sons murderer,it was proved in federal court,it was second degree murder not self defense...put your self in my spot and see how you would feel if your child didnt get the justice they deserve,my son is gone forever so please do the right thing by my son...Travis mom...

State of Ohio vs Tyler Hamilton
case number : 2011-CR-3599

plus you can get the transcript from the hearing in the federal building,feb 28 th 2013....

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