Prisoner reform is possible, Timothy J. Miller has been reformed through the power of GOD

Prisoner reform is possible, Timothy J. Miller has been reformed through the power of GOD

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Loren Rosa started this petition to State of New Jersey Judical System

Some people believe that prisoners don’t change and perhaps that is true in some cases.  However, it was only by the grace and power of GOD that Timothy Jamaal Miller was able to dispel that notion and defy the odds.  This is evidenced in his accomplishments since his time of incarceration over 8 years ago.  The number eight in the bible signifies resurrection and regeneration.  It is the number of new beginnings.  We believe he deserves to continue his regeneration and new beginning outside of the prison walls.  Timothy's genuine change has not only been documented by the family but also by the character letters written on his behalf, by friends and members of the clergy.  Timothy who missed is by his four children, his loving wife, his mother and his siblings, stands as the epitome of a prisoner who made a negative decision that turned out for his good.  Timothy has been incarcerated since 2013 and GOD has used these past 8 years to speak directly to his heart.  His life changing behaviors, coupled with the fact that he has had no infractions since his incarceration are a true testimony that reformation is achievable with the help of Almighty GOD.  Our entire family whole-heartedly believes that he has changed; our beliefs are supported by the letters received from staff and other officials confirming that Timothy is a new man.  When the family journey's to the prison for a visit, almost every time we are approached by inmates who express how much of an inspiration Timothy has been in their lives.  The inmates always speak to his level of commitment and integrity; just hearing the comments made everyone in the family so proud.  

Based on those visits, together with the letters received supporting his turn around, the family can now see that he has truly helped others to make life changing decisions and has made a substantial impact on the lives of the inmates and the prison as a whole.  While Timothy has been extremely impactful inside it is the belief of many that he is ready to be home with his family to help make a significant impact in the lives of his children and the community at large.  Given the opportunity to help those who are not behind bars, but those who are imprisoned in their minds by their choices and actions.  

Below you will read a few excerpts from the numerous letters shared by family and clergy supporting the truth of Timothy's reformation, proving exactly who he is.  

19 year old Kyrie Miller(son) writes: "Without a father, life was incomplete, but after my dad found faith and a new look on life, he made a pivot and started being the dad I have always imagined.

18 year old Nizearra Miller (daughter) writes: "Although my dad has physically missed my childhood life, I would love for him to be here to help me in my adulthood."

Pastor Russell Owen writes: "Timothy has a humility and a graciousness about him that is impossible to express completely in words on a page.  He is kind,...He is a leader of leaders.  He makes things and people better.

14 year old Jamaal Miller(son) writes: "I want my dad to come home sooner to build a stronger relationship in person than over the phone.  I want us to have more bonding time together.  My dad knows a lot about life and I want him home so he can teach me about life and how to be a better man.

14 year old Jamaya Miller (daughter) writes: "I'm writing this letter because I want you to know how much I miss my dad and how I want him to come home.  I feel that he has changed his life and he has learned his lesson.  I'm only 14 and I really need my dad.  I don't have that long until I'm off to prom or college and I want him to be here for that.  I really miss my dad so please let him come home."

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Akins, Supervisor of Chaplaincy Services at East Jersey State Prison writes: “his character and integrity were evident to me from the very first conversation in which we engaged several years ago....He is a soft-spoken, well focused individual...he has established an institutional reputation as an extremely responsible, conscientious individual with an outstanding work ethic, regardless of the endeavor."

Tametrias Miller (loving wife) writes: "my husband has exemplified the meaning of a true leader in our marriage and family,...he is the head of our household...He compromises and makes sacrifices for the betterment of our family.  He speaks the truth in love; he is not selfish.  Timothy is more understanding and forgiving."

Mrs. Loren Johnson-Rosa (devoted mom) writes: "Timothy has prayed for me and guided me to a have a better understanding of how to live, love and lead like Jesus...Timmy has helped a multitude of people both young and seasoned in the prison system.  I am grateful for his impartations to that community.  However, now it is time for him to bring together his blood family and provide the nurturing and structure that he lacked from his father to his own sons, daughters and family in general.  

Minister Johnathan Creekmur writes: “  In my personal interactions with Tim, I have been privileged to notice and bear witness to many acts that are indicative of his excellent character...I regularly have witnessed Bro. Timothy mentor younger inmates that were struggling with the Christian lifestyle in prison.” 

Charles M. Brown(cousin) writes: "I have sought personal therapy on multiple occasions, but none more genuine than what is poured into my soul when I speak to Timmy.  He has changed his life for the better and although he is locked behind bars his spirits are high and his mind is free."

Pastor Torres writes: “from the beginning, he has stood out from the rest as a man of integrity, with a deep desire to follow the path of righteousness despite the cost....his exemplary life serves as an inspiration for others to do the same....I am sure that his presence in society will be beneficial to all those around him. His commitment to Christ and His Kingdom will keep him centered on righteous living.    

Finally, Timothy is a good man and the family whole-heartedly believes that GOD orders his steps.  He is learning daily how to share the gospel while changing the lives of others.  The message of the gospel of Jesus Christ has continually brought Timothy fresh new challenges along with new ways to address those challenges.  He has taken ownership of his wrongdoings and has been able to help others see and change the errors of their ways.   He has been a model prisoner since his incarceration and we believe he now deserves to be with his wife and children.  But not only them, our society is in need of man like Timothy and should provide them with the opportunity to be a blessing to those in the free world before their poor decisions land them behind the prison walls.  

The family along with all those who took part in this initiative intend to stand by Timothy praying for him and with him because he is a positive reflection of what prison reform can do.  He is positive and as the letters reflect he is a man of integrity and we vow to never stop fighting for his release.

With that being said we ask that you sign the petition to support his return to society and most of all to his wife and children so that they can begin to build on the love, honor and respect they have as family. 

Romans 8:28 that states, “ and we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord”.

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