Legalize Back Country Snowmobile Riding in Pittsburg, NH

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Backcountry Snowmobiling is a growing sport nationwide. It is the evolution of the sport and should be embraced. We are working with officials to try and make this a reality by designating land that can be used (currently only in Pittsburg, NH) for this growing sport. 

We are asking for true backcountry riding. Not ditch banging through farmer's fields, camps, active logging roads, etc. Truly out in the wilderness where others are not.  We look to be respectful of the land, land owner's wishes and hope to come to a mutually satisfying agreement for all parties involved. 

This petition is to help facilitate the sustainability of the sport regarding the number of backcountry riders there are in NH and New England vs. the limited acreage available. 

The petition will remain anonymous and during the negotiating period, only the total number of signatures will be shared with officials. This data is imperative to our battle, in order to be taken seriously. 

We all know this is not some flash in the pan fad that is going to disappear. We have data to support that, and this will help corroborate that data. 

Thank you for your time.  

Ian Gates

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