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State of Nebraska: Revise Child support laws for Military parents

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This petition is to revise the Child Support Laws, in order to make them more fair for our Military service members. I am a military parent who is paying $1000 a month for my two children. One of the many reasons that I was ordered to pay this much was because I've remarried and now I have Base Pay-BAH-BAS & COLA on my LES. Also she would be able to have my child support raised if I were to deploy overseas, as I get extra incentive pays for deployment such as FSH and HFP. Everything, other than my Base Pay, is Non-Taxable Income, and if I were not married I would not receive these entitlements. These entitlements also change as I move from station to station, therefore they shouldn't be included in the amount Child Support I pay. If this is the case, then My Ex-Wife's Non-Taxable Income such as Pell Grants, Tuition Re-imbursements and state welfare payments, etc. should have been taken into account as well. The laws are extremely unfair and unjust. I have a family that I am trying to support and take care of, as well as my children in Nebraska. This is very difficult with 1/3 of my check going to child support. Where I live the cost of living is extremely high, so the military compensates me to allow me to afford it. I am also required to pay 100% of the travel cost. I live over 3000 miles from Nebraska and it is extremely difficult to afford these high payment in order to have visitation with my children. I believe that all travel should be split 50/50 in order to make it more fair.

Timoteo Salinas Sr.

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