Save our dog from unfair euthanizing decision

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Animal Control wants to put a member of our family down without any effort to find out the truth. I was told to come in for a meeting so I could tell my side of the story when Molly was involved in a dog fight with 2 other dogs. I went to the meeting only to hear he made his decision already based off what the other owner had to say in his statement. I never even had a chance! They refused to listen to what details I knew and to what other witnesses have stated, Everytime I tried to plea my case I was told it doesn’t matter and if I wanted to be heard I would have to appeal. I am appealing but I feel they are already set in the decision. We have had Molly for 4years, she is not the dog these people are talking about, all they know her as is the ‘Pit’ that attacked 2 innocent dogs. What about the people that saw his dogs snip at Molly first and that’s how the fight started? Its one guys word against mine and I need help with more voices because this is not fair or right! Please help us! My family is heart broke and Molly is confused as to why she was taken away from her family. When I go to see her at the Humane society I cant even go back without an officer to escort me, I cant even touch her and they told me that I will not be able to say goodbye before they euthanize her. DON’T LET THEM KILL OUR DOG!!!