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Help protect LGBT non-biological parents from discrimination! PARENTAL RIGHTS for ALL!

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that it hurts just to think about it? Well, put yourself in the non-biological parent's shoes. This mom or dad has had the chance to raise a child they did not have any biological means too. They have done their part as a parent for their child. They have held them on bad days and have held them on good days. This parent has been in the child's life from day one. They love this child, as they were the ones that gave birth to the child. Now put yourself in a position where you and the other parent, which is the biological parent has separated or divorced. You go to court to set up child custody and the judge denied you are rights as a parent because you are NOT BLOOD… Now your world as you knew it has been yanked from you. Now you must fight the courts for your rights to your children. This is what I am fighting for. I am the non-biological parent that has raised my sons from day one. I have been denied my rights as their legal parent and to be added to their birth certificate. This must be passed to give ALL non-biological parents the same rights as the biological parent. We must take this stand together so the courts cannot and will not push us out the door because they feel that we have no rights because of BLOOD. Blood does not make a family; love makes a family. So please sign this petition so we can get the State of Mississippi Supreme Court to see the harm they are causing children not to have both parents in their little lives. A child deserves to have both parents in their world.

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