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Apologize to African Americans and the Nation

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Mississippi lawmakers have officially ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which banned slavery in 1865.

One hundred forty-eight years after three-fourths of the states voted to approve the amendment, Mississippi's legislature finally took steps to fix the glaring oversight last year, when Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann agreed to fix the oversight and file the paperwork, making the ratification official on February 7, 2013.

The legislators and those at the country clubs throughout the state of Mississippi, must have had some deep belly laughs, given that many of the State's oversights impact the African Americans in the most cruelest ways imaginable; while being America’s “most religious” state — 

Please join me in listing the social embarrassments that must be challenged, fixed and apologized for: 

1) The Mississippi Legislature that finally got around to ratifying the 1865 amendment in 1995; but didn't file the paperwork until 2013. 

2) The Mississippi politicians who were until the mid-1960′s allowed Mississippi to become the bastion of segregation, and hate, e.g. Sens.Theodore Bilbo and James Eastland, and Gov. Ross Barnett, etc., etc., etc.

3) The Federal Troops that were required to allow James Meredith to attend the University of Mississippi in 1962, thereby integrating for the first time.

4) For what is perhaps the Nations worst school systems, currently located in the Mississippi Delta, in the African American communities, though the students and teachers are brlliant...somehow it is classified as the worst.

5) The food deserts that exist are primarily in the Mississippi Delta, where we have and 80% African American residential population

6) The health care for African Americans in Mississippi is atrocious and the worst in the Nation 

7) America's infant mortality rate is the worst in the African American community in the Mississippi Delta

8) America's obesity rate is the worst in the African American community in the Mississippi Delta

9) America's segregated schools are most prominent in the Mississippi Delta

10) America's segregated churches are most prominent in Mississippi...


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