Stop the Microplastic Invasion

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     Plastic pollution is a hot topic, but it goes deeper than most people might think. Microplastics plague our waterways, though many people aren’t aware of it. They can block animals’ digestive systems or impair their reproductive systems, and they contain additives and chemicals that can lead to other health issues.

    Microplastics are very small. People are estimated to consume around 74,000 of them each year, between eating and inhaling. 70.9% of them are microfibers, which mainly come from clothing made of synthetic materials, like polyester, every time they are washed. Microfibers escape most water filtration systems because they are so small. However, there are washing machine filters designed to capture microfibers, but most people don’t know about them and/or are unwilling to buy them.

     Even convincing a small section of the population to get these filters would take a very long time, and the planet is already in a dire situation. We hope to work with the Minnesotan government to create a policy requiring washing machine companies to install these filters. If it were to pass, the state’s plastic pollution would drop drastically and countless lives would be saved. Lend a hand, grab the pen, and sign this petition. Do your share in saving the planet.