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State of Michigan Supreme Court: Repeal the Current Surrogacy Law

It is preventing all Michigan LGBT citizens from having biological children. It is a discriminitory law.

Letter to
State of Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Governor
Each signer of this petition believes fully that the current Michigan law prohibiting surrogacy and gestational carriers is a discriminitory law. It discriminates against Michigan's LGBT citizens from starting a family and having biological children. Since Michigan has a same-sex marriage ban in the state's constitution since 2004, it makes it almost impossible for Michigan's LGBT citizens to adopt children. Since LGBT relationships are not recognized legally, any adoption would be a single parent adoption, therefore nearly impossible to approve. This is why it is imperative that the current Michigan Surrogacy law prohibiting all forms and agreements between parties should be repealed. Not only is the law incredibly discriminatory against Michigan's LGBT citizens, it is also unneeded. Surrogacy does not exploit woman nor does it make children a commodity. It allows woman to give the gift of life to a loving, nurturing and stable couple. This law also discriminates against those woman with a disability and are unable to bare children. By banning surrogacy, the state is not only discriminating against LGBT families but all other families that cannot naturally become have children. Please consider this petition and all the voices who agree with me which are represented by each signature on this petition.

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