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State of Michigan: Provide sufficient funding for school security

State of Michigan:

In light of recent events involving gun violence in schools, we propose that the Michigan State Legislature allot Michigan public schools sufficient funds to increase security measures. Many of the security problems in our public schools are a result of insufficient funding. Fewer security personnel and liaison officers because of budgeting situations is a major issue in our public schools. We encourage you to consider giving Michigan schools additional money for security purposes, with the appropriate measures to ensure proper use of the funds. These monies could be used for identification cards, security personnel, better doors and locks, more surveillance systems, and counseling for children with violent tendencies. Currently, many Michigan schools can only afford one of a few of these protections, but Michigan children deserve to learn in a safe environment, and the schools need money to ensure this. We understand that money is tight, but this is a serious problem involving our future generations. If you could please consider our proposal, you might be able to change our future.

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Please consider giving Michigan schools additional funding for security purposes. Many Michigan schools would like to update their security but do not have enough money to do it well. Our children deserve a safe place to learn.

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