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State of Michigan: Modify Marc King's sentence

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This petition is hereby calling all taxpayers to show their frustration with the rate in which Michigan is incarcerating its citizens. The most concerning aspects of this problem is the lengthily durations that men and women are serving behind bars due to Michigan’s indeterminate sentencing practices.

               The state of Michigan has the highest incarceration rate of the Midwest; it also incarcerates its men and women longer than any other state in the Midwest.

               Michigan has a population of 9,079,985 and incarcerates approximately 50,648 inmates/prisoners within the Department of Correction, a rate higher than any of its neighboring states. For instance Ohio to the south has a population of 11,466,917 yet its prison population is significantly lower at 47,494. Illinois population is 12,852,548 yet its prison population is 45,440 also significantly lower. West of Michigan is Wisconsin population 5,601,640 their prison population is 21,440 also significantly lower per capital than Michigan.

               Studies conducted by the ACLU; (At America’s Expense: The Mass Incarceration of the Elderly) has evidence specifically the cost to incarcerate per inmate is $34,135 per year (this is the average prisoner) however it cost $68,270 to incarcerate a prisoner 50 years and older, $68,270 is per 50 year old prisoner, per year. In contrast the average American house hold makes $40,000 a year in income. As a tax payer you should be out raged because these prisoners also are considered “LOW RISK” for these reasons; recidivism rates for persons sentenced to life imprisonment been studied by a number of watch dog groups and have concluded that when this segment of the prison population is released their recidivism rate is within the 1% range. The literature is replete with support for the perspective that persons serving a life sentence are some of the most well-adjusted persons in prison (Johnson, R. & Dobranska, A. (2005). Mature coping among Life Sentenced Inmates.) The Cost of continued incarceration of this specific segment of the prison population is more than double the cost of incarcerating younger inmates, it cost $34,135 to incarcerate the average man or woman, the cost to incarcerate the older segment of men & women is $68,270. All tax payers should act now and use this opportunity to save their tax dollars from being allocated towards new prison expenditures that would keep this low risk individual behind bars longer.

               This petition is specific in nature where I, (Marc King) is serving a LIFE sentence for a NON-HOMICIDE offense and have already served 14 consecutive years.

               In my instance the circumstances surrounding my case are, I (Marc King) shot a man in the leg for allegedly burglarizing a family member’s apartment. Arrested, tried and convicted. I was sentenced to “LIFE” imprisonment. Never before would a gunshot below the waist be considered Assault with/Intent to Commit Murder but in my case it was. The fight on crime mentality by over jealous politicians has taken this paradigm and ciphered precious resources from the state to tune of 2,000,000,000 annually and it is your tax dollars that is being wasted.

               I have accepted responsibility for my actions. I have expressed total remorse for shooting the victim in this case and my debt to society should be considered paid. The Department of Correction cannot demonstrate any cause to illustrate the need for further incarceration yet if you the tax payer do not speak out I will remain behind bars and the amount of money ciphered from your pockets will continue to grow larger denying your community precious resources thus denying your children community programs etc….

               I am encouraging any and every one to take a minute and write a quick letter to the Michigan Parole Board requesting that MARC ANTHONY KING be given a meaningful parole hearing and that consideration for parole should be more favorable rather than less considering the information provided herein.

               I will be submitting a commutation to the Michigan Parole Board August 2013, requesting that my sentence be modified I welcome the public’s support.

               Letters can be sent to: Michigan Parole Board, Grandview Plaza, P.O. Box 30003, Lansing, Michigan 48909, Governor Rick Snyder, State Capitol, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, Michigan 48909. If you would like to get to know me personally you can contact me by writing: Marc King#280752                                                                                                                                                                                                           Michigan Reformatory                                                                                                                                       1342 West Main Street                                                                                                                                                Ionia, Michigan 48846 or by for instant messaging via computer. If you wish to provide phone number I can call as well as long as you call PCS at 1-855-466-2832 and set up a pre-paid phone account.

               Today you can help Marc King return to his family. I also need a psych evalution. Anyone that would like to help please contact me at the above address

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