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State of Michigan House of Representatives and State of Michigan Senate.: Tell Michigan's prosecutors to try child sex abuse cases.

They keep enacting more and more laws to try to keep predators and child molesters out of schools but they don't seem to realize that there are many offenders right in their neighborhoods who have never been convicted and are not on any list anywhere because the prosecutors do not want to take "adult said, child said" types of cases they are afraid they won't win. I know of a case first hand where this happened and shortly after THE PROSECUTOR DECLINED TO TAKE THE CASE, the parents tried to contact the prosecutor and she had LEFT THE PROSECUTORS' OFFICE TO MOVE INTO PRIVATE PRACTICE! So I can only guess that this was due to her wanting to have a favorable Win/Loss record to show when she went job hunting. I find it hard to believe that this was an isolated case. The safety of Michigan's Children should matter more than the individual careers of these lawyers.Tell the legislature of Michigan to enact laws that will help get these people ONTO the sex offender registry in the first place!

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