Deny Multi-Convicted Child Abuser Rachel Edwards Parole in 2020

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My son Wyatt (pictured on the right) is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. On November 1, 2013 he was shaken almost to death by my ex husband’s girlfriend at the time, Rachel Ann Edwards. Wyatt suffered a major brain bleed, fractured skull, broken ribs, and bilateral retinal hemorrhages. He spent 6 days on life support and 7 weeks in the hospital. He’s endured 4 brain surgeries and 2 eye surgeries. Not to mention the countless hospital visits, MRI’s, CT scans, EEG’s, etc. Wyatt today is almost 7 has permanent brain damage, is permanently blind in his left eye, has seizures and is cognitively and developmentally delayed. All because of Rachel Edwards. 

In February of 2015 Rachel Ann Edwards took a plea deal and was convicted of 2nd degree child abuse of Wyatt and was sentenced 33 months-10 years behind bars. As of last month (June 2019) she’s served 5 years of her sentence behind bars. She is up for parole again and this will be her fourth time up. She deserves to stay behind bars those full 10 years! For more information on Wyatt’s story, google “Wyatt’s Law”.

***It’s important to note that Rachel Edwards was also convicted of child abuse twice before she got her hands on Wyatt. She was convicted of abusing Travis English Jr. (pictured on left) in 2011 and in 2013. She beat, tortured, and drugged Travis. Both her previous charges before Wyatt she only got probation and fines and THAT’s IT!! Sickening. 

 On behalf of Travis’s mom Christyne Kadlitz, and myself, we ask you please sign this petition. We will go up to address the Michigan Parole Board in next month and then we get a decision just before Christmas. If this monster is let out, she is a threat to all of our children. 

Rachel Ann Edwards Inmate # 813377