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Change the BSL law and allow owners to keep their pets!

Here is a story from the BARCS animal shelter; "The Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that "pit bulls" are to be considered inherently dangerous has had an incredibly heart breaking impact on families all over the state. We continue to see wonderful family pets losing their loving homes just because of their appearance.

Sasha and Bear are the most recent dogs affected by the ruling, having just come into our shelter this afternoon. Their owner... has had them their entire life and was told he had to get rid of them or face being homeless. The owner tried every place possible for an alternative housing situation and could not find any place to rent to him. Our heart breaks for the owner, who was so incredibly upset surrendering the dogs, or for this adorable pair who are now so confused here. These dogs have been with their owners all their lives and are now seniors, 13 and 14. They have a right to live their lives out in peace, with their families and the people that love them!

PLEASE sign this petition to show your support for Sasha, Bear and all the other amazing fur babies who deserve to stay with their families!

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