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Petitioning State of Louisiana

State of Louisiana: Samantha Vaughan's son was taken from her simply because she was a teenager. Send Connor back home.

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When Samantha Vaughan was 15, she was in a relationship with an abusive man. She finally worked up the nerve to end it, and soon afterwards discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to her son, Connor, and did everything she could for him, and she was the best mother she could possibly be. But when he was five months old, her ex's mother, Barbara, stole him from her, convincing the courts Samantha  wasn't ready to be a mother simply because she was young. Barbara had the money to fight, Samantha didn't, and she lost custody of her son.

The only thing Samantha is guilty of is being a teen mom. She took great care of her son even while going to school, and now he's living with a manipulative, emotionally abusive woman, and Connor's father, who abused Samantha physically and emotionally, gets to see him every day while she has to jump through hoops just to talk to him a couple times a year.

This isn't right. This isn't justice. She never hurt her son, she never abused him or neglected him and she never let him want for anything. She didn't deserve to have him taken away from her.

Please help her get her son back.

Update: Samantha has found a lawyer who will help her but needs help raising the funds. You can help her by donating here. Every little bit helps.

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Letter to
State of Louisiana
Samantha Vaughan's son was taken from her simply because she was a teenager when she had him. Being a teen mother doesn't make a person a bad mother. Now she doesn't even get to talk to him, while his physically abusive father gets to see him whenever he wants. How is this right?

Do the right thing. Give Samantha her son back.