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Petitioning Kansas State House and 3 others

State of Kansas: Legalize Marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes


I'm going to give you the top 10 reasons why I think Marijuana should be legal. 

10.Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of Marijuana

9. Legalization will bring money to government for things that we need to improve our country instead of it going to drug dealers. (Colorado made 1 million on the first day) 

8.Legalization would mean the development of Hemp as a valuable and diverse agricultural crop, including its new development as bio fuel. 

7. Marijuana is not a lethal substance, yet alcohol and cigarettes, both lethal, are accepted socially and judicially. 

6. It costs our government a lot more money to arrest Cannabis users than to tax it and let adults make their own decisions on whether to use the plant. 

5. Cannabis is 100% naturally grown, tobacco is drenched in fertilizer. 

4. Cannabis can be used to treat the symptoms of cancer patients who are having a hard time with side effects. Also, it's prescribed to treat A.D.D and many more things. 

3. Cannabis can be a safe and useful sleep aid

2. The gateway effect is false. People think that Marijuanna will eventually lead to harsher drugs but thats not true. What leads to harsher drugs is the prohibition. When people go to buy their cannabis from their sketchy drug dealer, the drug dealer is probably selling more than just Marijuana and talks people into buying it. If it were legal and we could just walk into our local dispensary and buy it, we wouldn't have that problem.

1. It's amazing. No matter what stress is going on in my life, I smoke some sweet herb and it all fades away for a few hours and gives me the most relaxing feeling in the world. And no matter how hard i try to explain it, words don't do it justice. 

So, tell me why you think Cannabis should be legal! God knows there's thousands of reasons! 

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Kansas State Senate Sen. Mitch Holmes
We as Americans have the right to choose what we ingest into our bodies. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol without a doubt. It's ridiculous that we make a harmless herbal flower illegal when tobacco and alcohol are killing millions of people yet, it remains legal. Its totally opposite! If I want to ingest something completely harmless, what gives you the rights to stop me? If you're going to murder millions of people from tobacco and alcohol, at least don't be a hypocrite about it. It's time to legalize this safe, resourceful, and relaxing substance.