"Brandon's Law" Require Harnesses While Working in Grain Bins

"Brandon's Law" Require Harnesses While Working in Grain Bins

November 3, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elissa Fitzgerald

I would like to see this named "Brandon's Law" in memory of my nephew, Brandon Mullen.

The law would read as such:

In the State of Iowa, all grain bins and silos MUST be equipped with working harnesses. ALL whom enter a grain bin or silos MUST wear the harnesses provided. There must be no slack in the harness. There MUST be a SPOTTER present with a line of communication, either via Walkie Talkie, Cellular Phone, or Intercom System. Grain bins and silos are NOT to be ON WHILE a worker is inside of the bin/silo. OWNERS/FARMERS of Grain Bins and Silos will be held accoubtable by law for any accidents resulting in injury or death if these safety measures are not met. ALL FARM HANDS/WORKERS/FARMERS/OWNERS that work with Grain Bins and Silos will complete a safety class concerning Grain bins/Silos, Harnesses, and Rescue BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO WORK WITH GRAIN BINS/SILOS. Must also be 16 or older. City, County, and State officials are allowed to inspect any property with grain bin or silo structures to enforce safety no matter if corporation or privately owned. If safety measures are not in place, and safety certificates are not current, or underaged individuals are working, the officials have the right to SHUT DOWN OPERATIONS UNTIL saftey measures have been met. And a FINE will be placed upon owners for negligence. Up to $100,000. MORE IF RESULTING IN DEATH. ALSO PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT.

Please see the links below. And please sign this petition today. 

Engulfment has a very high fatality rate. Many of those victims have been minors. Over 70% of entrapments have occurred on small or family farms of the type exempt from OSHA grain-handling regulations. A human body in grain takes seconds to sink, minutes to suffocate, and hours to locate and recover. Victims have been exclusively male. Three-quarters of them have been farmers, farm workers, or members of farm families. The average age of victims is in the 40s, but a disproportionate share are under 18 (youths 16 or older can work in agriculture without any restrictions). According to Purdue professor Bill Field, entrapments are particularly devastating for farm families, as 95% of the 140 deaths that occurred that way were boys under the age of 11. 

**Do not allow your children to play on or near frestanding corn outside. Teach them about engulfment. Knowledge is power.

Thank You, Elissa Fitzgerald

(Brandon Mullen's Aunt "E")





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Signatures: 146Next Goal: 200
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