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Jeremy Birkla's charges raised from Involuntary Manslaughter to Murder 1

My brother Billy Gunzel was murdered by Jeremy Birkla...Birkla is an MMA fighter therefore signed legal papers stating he will not fight outside a ring...also that he is defined as a weapon.....Mount Carmel, Illinois ....States Attorney Cassandra Goldman has set Birkla's charge as Involuntary Manslaughter Preliminary hearing set for Nov. 7, 2011.....Illinois law states that if a weapon is used this is murder 1 charge.....Birkla is the weapon....Also Birkla admitted to leaving the fight, and Billy Gunzel was getting up off the ground, Birkla then came back and finished the job....Gunzel was not going after Birkla.....Birkla came back for Gunzel!!! That is predetermined .....MURDER 1!!! .....As it stands, Birkla will only spend 2-5yrs in prision....I feel he deserves Maximum punishment which is LIFE!!!

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