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Dear readers, 

I am Dorenzo Moore. I am wrongfully convicted of Aggravated battery with a firearm. As a first time offender, I was sentenced to the near maximum of 25 years (having to serve 85% of that time). I was 22 years old at the time of this offense. I am now 32 years old, I have two daughters who were very young at the time of me being incarcerated. I have missed out on so much of there lives and I am just trying very hard to get back to them. This is where I ask for the help of my family, friends, supporters, and others that maybe aware of situations like mine or even going through the same thing. Please take a moment out of your day and Sign this petition. With these signatures it will help me get the truth out by putting a spotlight on my case. This petition will ensure that I am treated fairly in court. I thank each and everyone of you God bless!

As of now I am currently incarcerated in Dixion, IL as an inmate. I am productive, I work as a sanitarian. I am free of trouble, and also with the help of my family and friends on the outside I have started a t-shirt company based on my incarceration. It also talks about social and political issues that impact the community. For a look you can go to www.talkaboutittshirts/ I thank you for your help and support....                    

                   Statement Of Facts

On January 30, 2010 I was charged with attempted murder, Aggravated battery with a firearm, and Armed robbery. Stemming from the social club shooting of Derrick Agee on October 11,2009 at 3:00am. I presented an alibi at trial and arguing I had been misidentified. My first trial a jury acquitted me of attempted murder, after seven hours of deliberations. The other two charges received a hung jury, stating they could not agree whether I was at the scene of the crime or not. I had a retrial and was acquitted of armed robbery, but was found guilty of Aggravated battery with a firearm. Due to Detective John Foster’s failure to investigate prosecutorial misconduct, by Assistant State’s Attorney Ms. Sanjy Oomen and ineffective assistance of counsel by trial Attorney Robert A.Willis. March 22, 2017 I filed a post conviction petition stating the above issue, and also a claim of actual innocents with two new witnesses that came forward. Now I am being represented by attorney Michael D.Walsh.


Again I am asking you to look into my case and see for yourself the inconsistency of both witnesses and detectives. Look at the transcripts and police reports Dorenzo T. Moore ID#M42635 Case No. 10 Cr-03215.