Justice for Joseph Arrieta juvenile lifer End juvenile life without parole

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My husband was sentenced to life at the age of 17 it’s been 25 years We are still fighting for justice !!!!Juvenile Life Without Parole Is Unconstitutional… the Supreme Court declared that a mandatory sentence of life without parole for juveniles violates the Eighth Amendment!!!

That brain science has established children are physically and developmentally different than adults and should not be treated the same, especially in the criminal justice system. Specifically, these studies have concluded:

The brain does not fully develop until the mid-20s.
The frontal cortex, which controls impulses and risk assessment, is the last part of the brain to develop.
Before the frontal cortex develops, children rely on the amygdala, which triggers aggression, anger, and fear in response to stressful situations.
As the frontal cortex develops, individuals become better at moral reasoning, assessing risks, and controlling impulses. 
He is is fully rehabilitated and ready and deserves a second chance thank you all I truly appreciate the support let’s end Juvenile life without parole