Outrage - Telescope Desecration of Mauna Kea - State Law §711-1107

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I, the undersigned, in the spirit of Kapu Aloha and in accordance with Hawai'i State Law §711-1107 Desecration, declare that I am one member of a substantial segment of the public whose sensibilities are outraged by observing the intentional desecration of Mauna Kea through telescope development. Mauna Kea is a sacred place of worship for Kanaka Maoli, and also contains many of their burials.

I add my name to demonstrate the existence of "a substantial segment of the public" who are indeed outraged by witnessing desecration of sacred Mauna Kea. I want this law enforced and the desecration of Mauna Kea to end.

Why Sign This Particular Petition?

Hawai'i has a law against desecration, yet state authorities and the proponents of the Thirty Meter Telescope have sidestepped this law, in spite of strenuous Kanaka Maoli opposition to the telescope and myriad expressions of outrage and resistance over many long years.

But the powers to be just don't want to "get it." So we have to name our outrage as such and make it obvious with regard to the state law, in order to have the law enforced. 

This particular petition uses language specific to the state law against desecration, below. Even if you've signed other petitions in support of protecting Mauna Kea, this one will help prove that a SUBSTANTIAL SEGMENT OF THE PUBLIC feels this OUTRAGE and that therefore, desecration exists without question. This existence of such a petition, documenting outrage, could be helpful to the cause. Thank you for your help!

§711-1107 Desecration

(1) A person commits the offense of desecration if the person intentionally desecrates:
(a) Any public monument or structure;
(b) A place of worship or burial; or
(c) In a public place the national flag or any other object of veneration by a substantial segment of the public.
(2) “Desecrate” means defacing, damaging, polluting, or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the defendant knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the defendant’s action.
(3) Any person convicted of committing the offense of desecration shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than one year, a fine of not more than $10,000, or both. [L 1972, c 9, pt of §1; gen ch 1993; am L 2002, c 198, §1]


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