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Justice for Charlie

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A parole hearing is scheduled for Kim Moretz. This individual played an integral role in the murder of Charles Ray, III. Please stand with us and express the public opinion that this person should not be allowed back on the streets prior to serving her full sentence. Charlie and I went to high school together and I will never forget him to say the least. He did not deserve to to be manipulated and murdered. You will find below a letter written by one of Charlie's oldest and dearest friends. 

Please sign this petition and show your support to deny parole for Kim Moretz.

Thank You all! Your support means more to Charlie's family than they could ever fully express. 

Re: Moretz, Kimberly Leighann/GLC ID: 1001244664

"I am writing to let you know that if you let Kim Mortez out early you would be doing a true injustice to the late Charles Ray III. Let me begin by telling you how this unique soul was introduced into my life. I was a 6th grade girl at a Catholic School. I was a popular girl, not tooting my own horn, but I was. His mother walked into my 6th grade homeroom to explain to a bunch of mean pre teens that her son had this rare disease. It made him do abnormal things. Yell out words that were inappropriate and annoying. He had uncontrollable urges that would make us laugh and also keep our distance. She asked of our homeroom class could she count on one person to be his friend and look past it. No one raised their hand. I looked around and said to myself...everyone needs somebody. So I raised mine. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I stayed true to my decision even though at times I said why? I would tell my mom it is hard being his friend. My mom would say Charity you did this for a reason. Stand by him. I did. As his closest friend sometimes he was the worst to me. But my friendship with Charlie taught me so much. It made me a better human being. It taught me tolerance and understanding. It taught me to stand by someone at their worse and take a step back and let them shine at their best. Charlie had an awful disease that many are uninformed about. He went through surgeries and trials just to try and help the cause. This was such a heavy cross to carry but he did so with such a positive attitude. Later on he may have turned to the wrong copping methods but could you blame him. These people that did this horrific thing to him preyed on his disability. They called him and invited him to hang for New Year's because they knew he would and they knew he had a check. The man may have been the monster behind the assault but this woman participated and only fell victim after being put in a situation she knew she couldn't get out of. Kim would still be with that man today if they hadn't been caught. To allow her out after four short years would be a disgrace to the boy that I knew who lived a unfair difficult life. She made her life of drugs and wrong doings. Charlie was given a huge burden which he carried the best he could for a lot of years. She had the opportunity to warn him or leave and she didn't. Four years would be a slap in the face to not only Charlie but the dozens and dozens of people who learned so much from him. My first child was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. I made her a phenomenal human being because of Charlie. Charlie and his mother and father and sister and brother went through hundreds of doctors appointments and handfuls of experimental dangerous surgeries to help other people with his disease and made it through all of that to have these two disgusting people take it away for a night of getting high. She should serve the very small sentence she received. Anything else would be a sin before God. -Charity Baker"


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