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Stop Georgia House Bill 313 "Representative Waites attempt to control your Dog."

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Whereas: Keisha Waite is a representative from area 60 in Georgia who has proposed a breed specific piece of legislation, House Bill 313, in an attempt to mitigate a person's responsibility for their own action's that result in a dog bite incident and to label the following breeds as dangerous: 

  • Boxer
  • Great Dane 
  • German Shepard 
  • Akita
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • Doberman
  • American Bully
  • Staffordshire Terrier 
  • Rottweiler 
  • Chow Chow
  • Husky

Whereas: Any dog can bite when provoked. Dogs bite as a reaction to something, such as; when in a stressful situation, when forced to defend itself or its territory, when scared or have been startled. when they feel threatened, when caused to protect something that is valuable to them, when they aren’t feeling well,  or when they play. 

Whereas: People cause their own dog bite incident by inappropriate activity, such as; by approaching/petting any dog thinking that is automatically permissible, by playing with any dog, by causing a stressful situation with any dog, by startling any dog, by forcing any dog to protect its territory, by threatening any dog, by trying to interfere with something that any dog views as valuable, or disturbing any dog when it is sick.

Whereas: Educating yourself and the children you know on how, or if, they should approach a dog is also very important when it comes to preventing dog bites. Information is one of the best ways to prevent dog bites. Realizing that any dogs are autonomous creatures that choose to cohabitate with people. People should not simply approach any dog. 

Whereas:  Mistreating any dog or dog handler is not the solution to dog bite incidents. Educating people about dogs is. 

Whereas: We the people, undersigned, do not want breed specific legislation, breed discrimination, breed ban or breed restrictions in the state of Georgia. Rather, we encourage people to become better educated about their behavior around any dogs. Withdraw this bill. So say we, the undersigned.


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