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Give equal rights to the LGBT community

For to Long America has felt with the fact of civil rights with the LGBT community. For many years we've dealt with Killings, Beatings, and Bullying and yet nothing is done to stop this, Theres no cover for Hate Crimes against gays, they say America is free and be proud to be an American yet, it's not LEGAL for me to marry who I love if im gay yet, i can marry my 1st cousin in almost all states, for me to adopt a child in some states, yet it's LEGAL for someone to refuse me service because I'm Gay whether it be a job, housing for even if you go to eat, America has long dealt with the civil rights of many cultures, women, blacks, religion, now all the LGBT community wants is to have the same rights and freedom as others, please sign this to end the hate against gays and to bring equal rights to the LGBT community

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