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vacate charges due to corrupt public officials!

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sign this to help my father be with his family. I am not good at writing thigs like these kinds of thigs so i do not know what to write. but here is some evidence that he has obtained.


Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Detective Joe McCurdy admitted to framing a Santa Rosa County man for first degree murder.

Micheal Corn was convicted of a retrial in 2002 for the shooting death of Raymond Gray in 1997. Corn is serving a life sentence.

On Jan 16,2006 Santa Rosa County sheriffs Detectives Joe McCurdy and Jeff Shuler traveled to Columbia Prison to question Corn concerning the death of Gray. During the taped interview,

Detective McCurdy told Corn a V.I.P. sent them to see him and the V.I.P. was Judge Swanson. Then McCurdy said,"we know you did not do it, but we got you because you was hardheaded and 

you wouldn't tell us who did it. We sent you to prison to pressure you to talk---so are you ready to talk? Because, it may be another 10 years before we come see you again."

Corn speaking from his cell "McCurdy come and told me the assistant state attorney who prosecuted my original trial was a judge now and he sent them to question me about who killed Gray. 

Then he basically said they framed me. Then he would have the nerve to think I could trust him. Would you? I know in my mind that they was trying to find out if there was any information 

out there that would prove who killed gray and they wanted to destroy that information or evidence. I knew what they was up to, so i sent them on a wild goose chase."Corn,said.

It's time for the fed's to move in and strap those corrupt officers to polygraph machine. Make your voice count.




Ecambia Sheriff's Deputy Steve Nesmith contends that the state attorneys office ordered him to alter and file a fraudulant police report in the murder case of a Santa Rosa County man.

 Officaial court records show that an off duty Escambia County Sheriffs Deputy Steve Nesmith conducted a traffic stop of Corn on Hwy 87 after Corn completed an illegal U-Turn in june of 1997. 

Nesmith completed and filed his official report of the traffic stop. However, two years later Nesmith was contacted by the States Attorney's office and ordered to alter and change the date of the traffic stop on th report. Nesmith complied and altered the report,changed the date and filed the fraudulent report.

 Under florida law it is unlawful to alter an official police report. Any changes must be done with a supplement report Once an original document is altered it becomes fraudulent. Also, it's tampering with evidence.

 Corn who is serving a life sentence has always maintained his innocence. The states attorney did not know corn obtained a copy of the original report of the traffic stop shorty after the report was filed.

"The state attorney had the date on the report changed where they could place me at a certain place within a certain time and day to fit there case. They did not know i had the original Corn, said"




Witness intimidation and solicitation to commit perjury. I know your thinking New York mafia. But, no it's your public officials down at the state attorneys office. Several witnesses have disclosed 

the underhanded tactics of the states attorney's office efforts to intimidate them from testifying favorable for mike corn. Others contend they was offered favors and money to testify falsely at Micheal Corn's murder trial.

      Corn was convicted and sentenced to life after a retrial in 2002 for the shooting death of Raymond Gray.In 1997.

      Judith Rohr who worked as a clerk at the country venture which is located near coldwater creek where Gray's body was discovered says the assistant state attorney asked her to commit perjury at corn's trial.

she refused."The state attorney came out to my work and wanted me to say i could see the creek from my work.It's a lie" Rohr,said.

      Antother witness Jessica James says she had a late night visit at her home by the assistant state attorney and another man. James was threatened to go to jail and have her baby taken away because she was gonna testify 

favorable for corn. "he intimidated me" james, said.

      An inmate who asks not to be identified at this time because he is scared of them. He says he was housed with micheal corn at the county jail. The assistant state attorney asked him to commit perjury at corn's trial.

"He asked me to lie and say Mike corn killed that man. He said he could get me a plea offer on my case. He even offered to send money to my account so i could buy canteen. I refused."he said.

      Paul Caine was housed with micheal corn at the county jail when he was moved to another area of the jail by the assistant state attorney who come to visit him. The assistant state attorney showed him reports of corn's

 legal case and asked and asked him to testify against corn."that's wrong" Caine, said.

      Corn serving a life sentence in Florida State Prison contends the good ole boy days still isn't over."The state attorney is sending innocent people to prison. Who could be next? Maybe your son, Father, Mother,

 brother, sister, maybe you " Corn, said



The state's attorney's office for the first judicial circuit of florida which covers Escambia, santa rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties admits
using false evidence at Micheal Corn's 2002 murder trial. Corn's convicted and sentenced to life after a retrial in 2002 for the shooting death of Raymond
Gray.In 1997, Gray was found shot four times in the head and chest at close range.His truck was discovered in the shallows of coldwater creek, off state
road 87 in north Santa Rosa County.
Assitant State Attorney John A. Molchan who prosecuted the case for the state acknowledges a Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Detective did provide
false testimony when he testified Corn's wife was having relations with the murder victim.
A review of the record discloses a Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Detective did provide false testimony when he testified Corns wife was involved in
having relations with the murder victim. Now that testimony discovered as false. And, even more compelling review of Corn's trial discloses there was no
eyewitnesses, fingerprints or any other physical evidence linking Corn to the murder and no evidence that corn knew or had ever met the victim.
Corn now incarcerated in Florida State Prison serving life sentence has always mantained his innocence."This is just the tip of the iceburg. The
state used false evidence to connect me to and prove a motive for a tragic murder I did not do. The state has made me a victim too. Don't let the next
victim be you." Corn, said

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