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Repeal the Auto Insurance PIP law -- HB119

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We , Consumer Advocates, Health Care Practitioners, Auto Policyholders and auto accident victims who are here reestablish the constitutional rights to receive and provide medical treatment of choice -- that this bill has eliminated.

We want to be able to receive the benefits we pay for!

We want to be able to get the rehabilitation work we need from car injury accidents that this bill eliminates!

We want to be able to choose our care providers!

We want a bill that addresses fraud - but doesn't leave us at risk!

STOP Provider Discrimination and Exclusion!

These EXCLUSIONARY changes to FL automobile law (PIP) will greatly impact Auto Accident Patients, Massage Therapists,
Acupuncturists and Chiropractors.

It removes a patient's  right to health care choice and physician's right to prescribe treatment and providers of choice for their patients while putting thousands of qualified Massage Therapists out of work, causing increased unemployment, and more expensive law suits while fraudulent and organized criminals will just take a different route and will not be stopped.  This law must be repealed.


We advocate for every patient's right to choose medical providers and licensed medical practitioner's right to practice and be equal under the law.

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