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Repeal New PIP, Stop targeting massage therapy! Doctors make the decisions!

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Can You Help Repeal House/Senate Bill HB0019

As an insured driver I am in shock about House/Senate Bill HB0019 concerning PIP eliminating Massage therapy & Acupuncture. When I was injured, suffered whiplash & back pain, these two professions helped me recover and put me back to work sooner. I refused to lay in bed for weeks with only pain medication or the suggestion of a surgery. Now, this bill wants to eliminate my wellness rehab choice. Is this legal?

As a massage therapist for 18 years who rarely has worked on auto injury clients I am alarmed that our Gov. Scott has just fired hundreds if not thousands of massage therapists across our State. When I read over the BILL summary on the SENATE site I was shaking my head on the data that was posted and the data that was Omitted! If the intent of the bill was to eliminated fraud why doesn't the bill target all medical professional? Why only target massage therapists and acupuncturist? I read weekly in my Fierce-Health newsletter medical clinics, physicians, hospital CEO's all across the Nation committing medical Fraud. In my opinion Fraud equals Jail time however I read no sentencing to these individuals. Again, if the Bill 0019 intent was to eliminate fraud where is the evidence, who are the people, why are they not criminal pursue?

The data showed that the massage profession has increase significantly in the study. Are they suggesting that therapists are willing to become criminals? This is insulting to my profession. Since the beginning of the profession, Florida has lead the Nation in educating and licensing students to become a massage therapist. All other States look to Florida schools as an example. A data that shows any occupation increasing from 2007 to 2011 should be celebrated in this deteriorating economy. To think any different is slap to the State Licensing Board.

The data also stated claim payments have increased. Whoever conducted this study has no idea how the claim payment process works. A massage therapist is given a prescription by the client’s physician. The physician writes the diagnosis and treatment plan. For instance, cervical strain (whiplash) perform neuromuscular therapy 3 times per week for 6 weeks. Code 0000. The therapist then calls the client’s insurance agent identifying themselves, stating they have a prescription for massage by a physician. A detailed conversation takes place and if benefits are approved session begin and if not the client is instructed to call their agent for policy clarification. The prescription states a specific treatment and duration.
If claim compensation has increase per the study, the justification is due in part to the advancement of Integrative Health Care in our State and across America. A fact, massage therapy is prescribed by physicians as an effective treatment in soft tissue injuries! Therefore, therapist performs under a doctor order and compensation by the insures’ insurance company.
So what is the justification in HB0019 that targets the massage professional and not the physician who wrote the prescription or the insurance company who paid the claim. Did anyone in the Capitol think of the person who was injured in the auto accident?

Gov Scott, if they are going to do data to reduce fraud force them to make it realistic with all components! I feel my profession is being wrongly targeted. Individuals commit fraud not professions, and not proven healing modalities.
Please help me repeal this law! Thank You Vickie Ford

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