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Get Justice for Baby Reagan plus 10 by stopping Shauna Taylor

Shauna Taylor needs to be stopped! There are court documents stating that she has factitious disorder, aka Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. She has twelve children, eleven of them living. She has lost them all in California, Arizona, and Florida! She says five of them were lost after an abusive relationship, but if that were the case, why would the abuser get them? That also does not count for the remaining 6 children who were also taken from her. She lost custody of her last one, before Reagan, after doctors realized she'd been making him sick! She has not contested parental termination for any of her children and has instead turned over custody for a plea deal. Then she moves to a different state. There is plenty of evidence against her, yet she has duped over 10,000 people who follow and continue to support her on Reagan's Place. Here's one link, there are others. Simply typing shauna t, arizona, courts will get you results. Talk to people who have been victimized by her.

Facebook has taken down every page related to exposing her within a week of opening. She needs to be stopped! She needs to pay for what she has done to these babies! She currently lives in Macclenny, Florida. The court documents show what she has done.She also has taken money for an attorney, which she does not need because one was provided to her free of charge by the state of Florida. In May 2012, she won 24,000 dollars gambling, less than two weeks before going to court for another child custody case, in which she lost... again. Less than a year later, she was asking for money. She had registries that made over 3600 dollars. Good and kind people donated to her because they thought she needed it. However, she cheated them. Nobody will do the research on her! Do your research and you will find the truth! She is an evil woman who does not care about her children. There is a Facebook group that is closed that you may join. Just find me on Facebook and message me, then I can give you the address to the group. Please take a stand for these eleven children who have been abused and mistreated by their mother. Be a voice for them!!

*There is a Facebook group that is closed that you may join. Just find me on Facebook and message me, then I can give you the address to the group.*

I also encourage you to do it anonymously if you feel unsafe. Shauna has a history of harassing anyone going against her. But please! We need to stop her!

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