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Use Connecticut Residents when you hire for jobs

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Because each state has their own unique unemployment situation, and when your own state is hiring employees from another state to handle something as simple as phone calls, it's unfair to their own residents.

I am starting this petition because for the 2nd year in a row, that I am aware, the State of CT is doing a phone survey for the Department of Public Health.  For the 2nd consecutive year my phone number was chosen. And for the 2nd year in a row the company calling to take my survey information called from Vermont. 

Now while I of course have nothing against Vermont or it's residents, each state I believe has a responsibility to help their residents succeed and prosper for the good of that state.  To hire employees to handle a job, especially as simple as phone surveys, is unfair to the residents of that state. 

Connecticut has a current 8.1 percent unemployment rating.  The highest in the nation is only 1.4 percent higher.  Our government in the State of Connecticut has a responsibility to their residents to help them find work.  Hiring out of state employees to help with temp phone bank style positions means that they are more than likely seeking the lowest rate they can get, rather than seeking to use their need for employees as an opportunity to "pay it forward" and help some of their own residents get to work, even for a short while.  If they are hiring out of state workers for these little jobs, what are they doing with the big jobs?

While there are probably multiple factors that go into determining who to hire and how much to pay, there is a factor being missed - the health and wellbeing of their own residents.  Regardless of the "reasons" behind why they chose more than once to outsource to Vermont, there are 8.1 percent of residents who could have used a temporary position.  

I urge the State to stop utilizing out of state companies to handle thier jobs. Hire within and help our residents do well - it's to your own benefit. 

You should sign this regardless of what state you live in - because if your state or local government needed employees and you were unemployed, you would more than likely feel better knowing you had a chance at a job.

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