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Connecticut Law

Sara Hicks
Atlanta, GA

Jun 29, 2013 — When Public Disclosure of Records is AllowedCitation: Ann. Stat. § 17a-28When information concerning an incident of abuse or neglect has been made public or when the commissioner reasonably believes publication of such information is likely, the commissioner or his or her designee may disclose, with respect to an investigation of such abuse or neglect:Whether the department has received a reportIn general terms, any action taken by the department, provided names or other individually identifiable information of the minor victim or other family member shall not be disclosed, notwithstanding such individually identifiable information is otherwise availableThe commissioner shall make available to the public, without the consent of the person, information in general terms or findings concerning an incident of abuse or neglect that resulted in a child fatality or near fatality of a child, provided disclosure of such information or findings does not jeopardize a pending investigation. 


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