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My son, Amari Edward Jackson was a victim of child abuse. This abuse ended his life at age 23months. The person(s) responcible for his death was sentenced to five years in prison. During the trial court documents made it known that she had an extensive history with the CT department of Children and  Family  services  for  abuse  and neglect. These  records  are kept confidential.  She has since been released from prison and ordered by the courts to refrain from having unsupervised contact with minors. This court ordered stipulation only lasts  the duration of her probation, (5yrs). After that she can have unmonitored  contact with all minors. This is unacceptable. She currently resides in a home with minors.  Amari's Law, requires all person(s)  convicted of child abuse register with the State. This registry be made public. Please support this law. It is in memory of my son Amari but, for the protection and safety of all defenseless children.

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Registry for Child Abusers, Amari's Law