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State of Connecticut Office of the Chief State's Attorney: Drop the criminal case against Jewu Richardson

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Jewu Richardson is an innocent man and survivor of police brutality who is facing 30 years in prison in a quickly approaching trial. He is being falsely charged with assault on a police officer after being chased, shot by the police inches from his heart, beaten and jailed with the bullet still lodged in his chest. Jewu's passengers were also assaulted but never charged with any crime. Key evidence has been destroyed, including the vehicle Jewu is accused of assaulting the officer with.

Now he has the burden of proving himself innocent against charges fabricated by the New Haven Police Department in order to cover up their 13 year history of criminally targeting Jewu with no penalty. He also has the burden of proving himself innocent in the same judicial system that denied him his constitutional right to trial in 2006, when Judge Maureen Keegan, the prosecution, and Jewu's own public defender aided the NHPD in covering up their crimes against him. Conveniently, Maureen Keegan will be trying Jewu's current case.

Jewu is being punished after filing a high profile lawsuit that helped expose the illegal practices of the NHPD and the City of New Haven. A federal investigation into the NHPD found that the police department used the same illegal tactics against Jewu and countless other New Haven residents.

Strong evidence that would exonerate Jewu from the criminal charges is not admissible in court. This evidence demonstrates a 13 year history of the NHPD criminally targeting Jewu.

Jewu has been brutalized, falsely charged, wrongfully incarcerated, stop and frisked, profiled continually harassed and nearly killed by the NHPD. The NHPD has never been held accountable for the following:

The New Haven Police Department’s Crimes Against Jewu

2000: Billy White's Narcotics Task Force (NTF) chained Jewu to a fence and beat him unconscious after he refused to become an informant. The Internal Affairs department ignored Jewu's claims of abuse. Jewu spent the next four years of his life in prison after the same officers who attempted to blackmail him arrested him two days after he filed his IA complaint.

2006: The same NTF planted drugs on Jewu after he again refused to become an informant. Jewu sat in prison for 16 months waiting to fight these false charges.

2007: A day before he was scheduled to go to trial, Jewu was denied his constitutional right to trial without his consent or knowledge. This was done to protect NTF officers from further incrimination after an undercover investigation of the NTF became public. This investigation found the NTF guilty of the same crimes Jewu accused them of.

2008: After filing a law suit against the NHPD and the City of New Haven Jewu was constantly harassed, stop & frisked, and intimidated by the police department.

2010: On January 16th, Jewu was pulled over for a routine traffic stop when he noticed a police officer approaching his car with his gun drawn. Jewu fled in fear of his life and in search of a more public location.

After engaging Jewu in an illegal high speed chase, numerous patrol cars cornered his smoking vehicle in gas station parking lot on Whalley Ave. Jewu was shot and nearly killed after he had surrendered. He and his passengers were then ripped from the car and beaten. Jewu was then jailed for four days with minimal medical attention and the bullet still in his chest. The officer who shot him was cleared of any wrongdoing within 4 hours and later received an award. The police destroyed Jewu's car, the key piece of evidence in the criminal case against him, while Jewu sat in jail with a bullet in his chest.

2012: Jewu has refused any plea bargain deal that requires him to plead guilty to assault on an officer. He is now set to go to trial in early February and faces 30+ years. The judge who will be trying his case is Maureen Keegan, the same judge who denied him his constitutional rights in 2006.

The NHPD has gotten away with its crimes against Jewu while Jewu has had the burden of proving his innocence against fabricated charges. New Haven's judicial system has failed in responding to Jewu's victimization, and has facilitated this NHPD coverup. We demand that the Office of the Chief State's Attorney exonerate Jewu Richardson of all criminal charges and drop the case against him.

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