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State of Colorado: Charge Ashleigh O'Neal for Negligence in the death of Mickey

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This is based off the case of the State of Colorado vs Angelita Lopez. Mickey was found to have Parvo by many specialists, and yet, Angelita has to do 30 days jail time for the dog’s death. We are asking the State of Colorado to find Asleigh O’Neil (the dog’s breeder) equally guilty due to her negligence. When Angelita noticed Mickey was sick, she asked for help various times on not only Facebook, but in email and text message. Ashleigh begged Angelita not to take Mickey to a shelter (where he would have recieved immed help), but to let her come get him… and so Angelita did. Ashleigh appeared several hours (9 hours) later (even after Angelita expressed a extreme urgency for the dogs well-being). Ashleigh did not take the dog into the vet right away, but waited. And yet, Angelita is the one being charged with Criminal Negligence in his death, even though she begged for help for the dog’s life. Angelita was never provided shot records, and even at the time of trial, Ashleigh brought in another animals paper. The breeder (who is NOT a documented/ verified breeder)(Ashleigh) admitted to giving Mickey shots herself…. So, we the people are asking the state of Colorado, to step up. If they are going to charge a INNOCENT woman with time for the death of a dog that had PARVO then they need to take into account the breeder and her actions. The dog, in the end, did have to be put down per the Vet who worked with him. It was too late to save him.


We are in full belief that she (Ashleigh) should have a trial of her peers, as did Angelita, she should be put through the same process Angelita was.

The reason Angelita did not take the dog to the (no kill, I might add) shelter, where it would have help right then and there, was because Ashleigh said she would come get him... 

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