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Stop Racial Profiling

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Julian, a 30 year resident alien was detained for “suspicion of undocumented” status.  Julian Mora was driving to work and was doing nothing illegal, when a police car from Maricopa County abruptly cut in front him, forcing him to stop short. The Mora’s were then transported to Handyman Maintenance Inc., where Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was conducting a raid that morning.  The Mora’s were held for three hours and were denied food and water and all contact with the outside world.  From this example, the police did not practice the constitutional scope of protecting citizens from illegal behavior but instead focused on color of skin as the premise for interrogation. They just assumed that they were illegal and committing an illegal act based on their color of skin.   

In May 2013, the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was found guilty by a federal judge in engaging in racial profiling of Hispanics and violating their constitutional rights.  We as a nation need to come together and advocate for the release of all U.S. citizens wrongfully arrested based upon the racial profiling perspective and arrested on based on the suspicion of being illegal. The suspicion of being illegal goes back to a person’s color of skin and primary language.

We must educate one another and the community about the dignity and worth of individuals regardless of their immigration status or skin color. As we educate one another we must empower people to speak up about racial profiling in order to stop the stereotypes, discrimination and racism. We must petition the Supreme Court to rule the racial profiling unconstitutional. Let not this country be run by bigots, racist, fascist, and those that make it a goal to have equality and freedom retracted from its citizens.

Arizona’s Maricopa County has regressed into a time were discrimination was widely accepted and tolerated by the majority. This generation does not tolerate discrimination or those that promote it. The United States of America has elected their first bi-racial president. This is a sign that we are moving forward towards progress. We have much progress to make as a Nation. Power can only be obtained if we as individuals in the United States advocate for one another and have empathy. We petition and plea that we stop the profiling of people based on their skin color and language. Help us start building a better future.

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