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Stop fire tax increase until State Audit is done on Grand Bay Fire District

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As many Grand Bay residents have been informed the Grand Bay Fire District Board of Trustees have put forth a fire tax increase from $35 to $70. Many residents have went to the board meetings with no resolve for questions of why they bought equipment or other things they did not need and went over budget. They don't have a budget like most businesses do. They do not keep up with spending and now want to double the fire tax fee with a vote on November 7th. That gives us just a few hours to get this passed around to our community to get a state audit to get the questions we asked answered before we vote. The $26,000 a year for Grayling Christian and the contract that was provided does not look like a legal binding contract.  It wasn't notarized or signed by Tony Baggett President of the fire department. Off to the side Monnie Tripp signed it saying for Tony Baggett.  Tax payer dollars by law are not to go towards a chief salary for our volunteer fire department. There are many questions left up in the air on many things with the expenditures list they gave for 2015, 2016,& 2017. If they can not manage the money they are giving responsibly now then why give them more until we find out exactly what is going on and if they have been honest with their elected positions. What I am asking is everyone sign this petition to get a state audit done by Jim Ziegler State of Alabama Auditor or the proper state officials . Please sign this petition we all know our last board of trustees were escorted out by sheriff officers. We deserve to know the truth about where our money is going and if this board we elected has been honest with us & the increase is justified. 

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