Child protection laws in NSW, need to have a age limit when children can be left alone.

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My concern is that NSW laws in relation to the age a child can be left alone are blurred and allow for some parents to abuse this and place the children at risk. We need to look at QLD laws where a child under the age of 12 can not be left home alone for an unreasonable time or at night. 

The mother of my grandchildren leaves 4 children home alone aged 10,9,7 and 5 at night while she goes to play the pokies. They have no phone to make contact in case of emergency as she does not want them to notify anyone they are alone. This was brought to light by the children expressing concerns to their father. When the father of the children tried to discuss this with the mother of his children she stated “by law there is no age limit and and I am dong nothing wrong” 

People go to gaol for driving offences, yet there is no law to protect the young vulnerable children, nothing to make a parent accountable for placing a young child or children at risk by leaving them home alone at night for long periods of time. 

Only last week a young child died in a house fire, her mother left her home alone while she went out to the club if there was a law in place maybe she would have to think twice about placing a child at risk if there were penalties imposed. 

This law needs to be revised our young children need to be protected. I have contacted FACS not a lot of help there as we need time dates and so on. This is hard to obtain when the children have no means of contact to call their dad and tell him till after the event. Due to their ages they can not be specific on times and dates. Tried to call the police they stated they will do a welfare check when officers are available as there maybe cases that are more serious and require their attention. In the mean time our children are at risk home alone. What if the 5 year old child had an asthma attach his 10 year old brother would not know what to do. What if someone tried to break in, what if one of them hurt them self seriously, what if there was a fire they would not know what to do and most importantly have no means of contacting anyone. So many situations where they could be at a high risk. It is wrong for any parent to think it is OK to leave children home alone under a certain age and at night. NSW Child Protection Laws need to include a specific age and  parents that place their children at risk held accountable. 

My sons tried to reason he said to his ex partner  if she is going out to leave the children with him. She went on the attach stating she is doing nothing wrong and what she does when she has the children is none of his business. 

I know most parents do the right thing and changing the law will not affect them for that reason. We need to ensure that for those children who’s parents are not considering the dangers of leaving young children home alone there is a law in place so our children are protected. NSW needs a age limit placed on the age a child is left alone at night and or unreasonable amount of time. 

Many thanks 

Concerned  Grandmother