Revoke Stephen Huffman's medical license

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During a June 10th hearing on whether to declare racism a public health crisis, Sen. Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City), asked if “the colored population” is hit harder by the coronavirus because perhaps they "do not wash their hands as well as other groups or wear a mask or do not socially distance themselves? That could be the explanation of the higher incidence?"

Sen. Huffman is also a licensed physician. 

What Sen. Huffman has demonstrated is either ignorance, or blatant racism. Either way, especially given the well-documented healthcare disparities that BIPOC face, Huffman cannot be allowed to continue practice medicine. 

How many BIPOC have received lackluster care due to Huffman's prejudices? We must fight to address racism within the medical community. We demand the State Medical Board of Ohio acknowledge the discrimination in Sen. Steve Huffman's statement and revoke his medical license.

Sen. Huffman's can be reached at (614) 466-6247

Sen. Huffman is also listed as a staff physician at Premier HealthCare Services - (937) 312-3627